Hi, I’m Adrienne, and I’m a tarot reader.

I live in Ontario, Canada with a dog who thinks she’s a human, a rabbit who thinks he’s a dog, and two orange creamsicle coloured canaries.

My first experience with a deck of tarot cards was back in grade six, when my dad shared with me a pack he had recently bought. I wasn’t ready at that time to dive into the vast world of tarot. It lingered in the back of my mind for many, many years.

About six years ago, I packed up the life I had made for myself in Japan, and moved back to Canada. The adjustment had its ups and downs, and I found myself searching for something. In a way, I had lost sight of myself and my purpose. So, the idea of tarot crept back into the foreground.

The deck my dad had shown me so many years ago was lost, as was the thick, hardcover book he had gotten to accompany it. I went online, and I bought myself a tarot deck. I was ready, and I wanted to learn.

My tarot journey has continued ever since. As my understanding grows, so does my collection of decks. What I love about tarot is not only the insight it offers, but how there is always more to learn.

I’ve always been interested in astrology, but when tarot came along, astrology took a bit of a back seat. Now that I’m comfortable slinging cards, I’m revisiting astrology and soaking up everything I can.

EclecticGemini.com is a space for me to talk tarot alongside other interests, like astrology, that may arise. There’s always something we can learn about ourselves, and our world.

I’m glad you’ve stopped by, and I hope you continue to join me on this path.